Woman marries twin sister’s killer in Argentina

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BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – An Argentine woman has decided to marry the man convicted of killing her twin sister.

Fox News reported that 23-year-old Edith Casas married Victor Cingolani on Valentine’s Day, and she denies that her husband shot her twin sister Johana to death more than two years ago.

Cingolani, 28, was handcuffed and taken to prison immediately after the wedding ceremony, while a mob gathered outside the civil registry office to throw eggs and stones at the couple, according to Fox News.

The groom says he is innocent, despite his conviction and his 13-year-prison sentence.

The bride’s mother, Marcelina del Carmen Orellana, said she does not agree with her daughter’s decision.

“I’ve always said that she is threatened by the Cingolani family; I’m afraid that something might happen to her because he is a killer and a manipulator,” she said to local media.